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Looking to lose weight with the help of hypnotherapy in Nottingham?


Struggling to stick to the diet?

Do you have to eat everything on your plate?

Do you find food to be a comfort?

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Diets don't work!

Actually that's not exactly true. Most diets would work if people could stick to them for long enough. But if you're on a diet that doesn't inspire you, and if you don't feel motivated enough, then it's very unlikely that you will stay the course.

So what does work? The answer is a programme that deals with the THREE main reasons why you overeat.

If you overeat or have a tendency to comfort eat, then one or more of the following three factors is responsible:-

1. Stress. If you are worried or stressed it is quite likely that you will turn to food as some sort of comfort.

The good news is you can find other ways of dealing with stress so that the need to comfort eat disappears.

2. Conditioned response. If you always eat while relaxing in front of the television, as an example, then it is highly likely that you will get cravings and urges to eat whenever you relax in front of the television.

Break the association and you break the habit. It can be done quite easily when you know how.

3. Emotional protection. Many people who are overweight are actually being protectd in some way by their own unconscious mind. For example, if you have had your heart broken in the past, your unconscious mind may make you fat, and hence unattractive, so that you don't get into another relationship in the future. The reason for this is to ensure that you won't have your heart broken again in the future.

By simply reassuring the appropriate part of the mind that it doesn't need to protect in this way anymore, the excess weight (the fat) can be released.

Cut out the sugar!

That's what most people who are overweight need to do. And for a lot of people who are overweight, cutting out sugar is all they need to do. (In fact even just cutting down on sugar may be enough).

Of course that can be much easier said than done, particularly if you've been used to eating sweet things since you were a small child. But it can be done; it's just a matter of reprogramming your mind so that you are less inclined to eat sugar containing foods and maybe reject them altogether. Now you might be thinking that you don't have a particularly sweet tooth, and that sugar isn't the root of your problem. But you have to remember that many foods, particularly processed foods, contain a lot of added sugar. Something that may surprise you is that many savoury foods contain varying amounts of sugar.

Sugar in it's natural form is full of nutrients, but when it is processed, all of the goodness is stripped out. Processed sugar is not a food. It is, in fact, a poison in the true sense of the word. It weakens the immune system and it prevents the digestive system from working correctly. It affects the blood sugar levels to a point that it causes mood swings, and may even be a factor in causing depression. Sugar actually results in fat being produced in the body and is directly related to diabetes.

There can be other contributing factors to being overweight, such as emotional issues (which can cause so-called comfort eating). The good news is that hypnotherapy is very good for dealing with emotional issues.

We will use a combination of hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (or NLP for short) to modify the programme in your brain, so that you take back control of your eating habits. And when you take back control of your eating habits you take back control of your weight. For most people it's that simple.

Our weight programme consists of five sessions spread over a period of about six months so that we can find the right approach for you and monitor your progress. This programme is recommended if you want to lose more than about three stone. If you're looking to lose less than that you may only need two or three sessions.

So if you live in the Nottingham area and you are fed up with dieting, just send me an email by clicking on the link below and ask me any questions you may have.

Alternatively, just phone me on 0115 9871581 or send an email to robert@nottinghamcoaching.co.uk to book a free initial consultation.

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