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5-Step Coaching


You are not who you think you are

In actual fact, you are capable of far more than you think you are!

Almost everything you do; every decision you make, is determined by your belief system. By “beliefs” I mean, what you believe you can do and what you believe you can’t do; and what you believe you should do and shouldn’t do.

Beliefs can be positive and helpful, and they can be negative and unhelpful. Unfortunately most people have many more negative beliefs than positive ones.

You may, for example, have a desire to be successful, or to feel more confident than you already are. You may want to lose weight, or be more motivated. You may, in fact, use positive affirmations to help you to do this. But if there is a negative belief that is directly opposed to your affirmation or any other form of positive suggestion that you use, then you will fail to achieve what you want to achieve.

How many times have you used the ‘power of positive thinking’, only to be disappointed with the results? Maybe it helped for a while but then it wore off after a while. Hopefully you are now starting to understand why this is.

Don’t get me wrong, positive thinking is a wonderful thing, but for it to really work you have to first remove the negative beliefs that are holding you back.

Now here are some very important points to bear in mind about your beliefs:-

1. All of your beliefs were formed in the past. This means they are already out of date, and yet they are still determining the way you live your life today and how you feel about yourself, both positively and negatively.

2. Most of the beliefs you have are in your subconscious mind. In other words they are not within your conscious mind and so you don’t know they are there. And if you don’t know they are there you can’t change them.

3. Most of the beliefs you have are not yours anyway, and in fact they never were. Many of the beliefs you have, both positive and negative, both conscious and subconscious, are borrowed from other significant people in your life, e.g. your mother, your father, perhaps schoolteachers and even friends. Some of your beliefs will have originated from television, newspapers and books, both fact and fiction. And yet these beliefs control so much of your life.

4. Your beliefs determine your confidence, your self-esteem, your quality of life and ultimately your health and happiness.

Now here’s the good news. Even though most of your beliefs are hidden from you, it is entirely possible to uncover them so that you can eliminate the negative ones, or turn them into more positive ones. When you have done that then you can really start to feel better about yourself and move forward with your life.

To book your free initial consultation to find out how you can do this, call Robert McKinnon on 0115 9871581. Or send an email to robert@nottinghamcoaching.co.uk

The problem with positive thinking

There are many approaches to coaching and some are more effective than others. Also there are lots of self-help books available, and again some are more helpful than others.

The problem with a lot of self-help and coaching models is that they are based on the 'power of positive thinking'. Unfortunately, positive thinking doesn't always work, and even when it does its effects are likely to be temporary. And that's because most coaching techniques and self-help programmes don't tackle the hidden barriers to success; the self-sabotage programmes that run in the subconscious mind.

That's where 5-Step Coaching is different, because it first identifies and then removes the barriers to success before the new positive beliefs are installed.

How many times have you used positive affirmations or suggestions and initially felt empowered and motivated, only to discover that it wears off after a while?

The 5 steps are:-

STEP 1 : Goal setting. We will identify what you really want to achieve, and evaluate your personality type to ensure that your goals are appropriate for you.

STEP 2 : We will evaluate your core beliefs; including both positive beliefs (e.g. what you think you can achieve) and negative beliefs (what you think you can't achieve).

STEP 3 : We will identify and remove the negative beliefs which are holding you back (i.e. those beliefs that are causing you to self-sabotage)

STEP 4 : We will install new positive beliefs to help you feel more motivated, confident etc.

STEP 5 : Working on your goals, as identified in step 1, we set your plan in action using the 'MAGIC for Minds' technique. In doing so you will learn
how to use 'MAGIC for Minds' yourself for any future goals.

5-Step Coaching was created by Robert McKinnon and is a combination of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), SymbioDynamics™ and other proven coaching tools.

Please note that the five steps can often be covered in just two or three sessions.

Call Robert on 0115 9871581 for a free initial goal setting session*

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* Please note there is no obligation to proceed with the coaching programme following the initial consultation.

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