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Case Studies

Please note: Client confidentiality is very important, so the clients' names have been changed.

Alison had been suffering with insomnia for many months. In just one session we were able to find the underlying cause and deal with it. I also taught her some simple techniques that she could use if needed. When I followed up with her several weeks later she was sleeping much better.

Jane suffered from social phobia and worried greatly about what other people thought of her. In just two sessions we dealt with the underlying cause and increased her confidence significantly. She is now much more relaxed and confident in public.

John was a life-long smoker but had reached the point where he wanted to stop. In just one session we removed any desire to smoke. When I followed up with him several weeks later he felt very happy and relaxed as a non-smoker, and any thoughts about smoking were practically non-existent. John is typical of the many smokers I see.

Diane suffered from trichotillomania (habitual hair pulling). She had three sessions with me. Several months later she contacted me to say "I have felt so much better since my sessions with you. My hair pulling has halted dramatically and I really feel like you've pulled me into focus. I think there were too many competing voices in my head and now they are speaking in unison"
Bill had suffered for many years with bouts of anxiety and depression. In one session we uncovered a number of issues from his past and dealt with those effectively. He had been bullied as a child and this was the root cause of the problem. Over two further session we did a lot of positive work to build up his self-esteem and his confidence. He commented that everyone around him at noticed a considerable diifference in him, and he was very happy with the result.

Rachel had an eating disorder; she would binge and then purge. This would happen on a regular basis. In just one session we uncovered the root cause of the problem. The disorder stemmed from a comment made to her when she was a child. During the second session we carried out some confidence building work. She is now eating normally and is very happy with her life.

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