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Hypnosis for pain management in Nottingham

Advanced pain relief therapy in Nottingham

"There is no pain until it reaches the brain". These are the words of Ron Eslinger who is without doubt the world's leading authority on pain management using hypnosis.

What this means is that pain is actually a perception created in the brain. Hypnosis, as we know, is a very powerful way of changing perceptions, which in turn means that hypnosis is very effective in contolling pain.

But pain serves an important purpose doesn't it ?

If you were to put your hand on something very hot you would very quickly move your hand because of the pain; it's a natural reflex that is there to protect you. You wouldn't even think about it.

If you fell and sprained your ankle it would be painful, and the pain would last for a few days. The reason for this is to make sure you don't over-use the ankle so as to give it a chance to heal. So, yes pain does serve a useful and important purpose....some of the time.

Suppose, however, that you have lower back pain or shoulder pain, or you suffer from migraines. Suppose also that you've been thoroughly checked out medically, and you've been told that there nothing physically wrong with you. And yet in spite of knowing this, the pain simply doesn't go away.

In actual fact, most chronic pain serves no useful purpose whatsoever. In these cases it is entirely possible to significantly reduce the pain level or maybe even remove it completely.

Hypnosis can give you the control over your pain

It has been known for many years that hypnosis is very helpful in controlling pain levels. In fact hypnosis has been used very safely and successfully as a general anaesthetic.

If you have been down the conventional medical route and are still struggling with chronic pain, give me a call to arrange a free initial consultation.

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