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Golf Coaching for the Mind

Be the best you can be

This is golf coaching with a difference...change your mental approach rather than your swing. 


Do you beat yourself up on the golf course?

Do you get frustrated, maybe even angry?

Afraid of failure?

If this sounds familiar, there is help.

Imagine staying calm and focussed throughout the entire round

How would it feel to walk off the course knowing you gave it your best!

I'm going to share with you five things you can implement immediately to improve your golf game...without changing your swing!  

In order to do this I've made an audio recording for you. To access it simply click on the link below. 


My name is Robert McKinnon and I'm a qualified and experienced Mind Factor Coach.

(Registered with the Mind Factor Institute)

0115 9871581 robert@nottinghamcoaching.co.uk

I can help you to:-

Make practice much more effective 

Arrive on the first tee feeling calm relaxed and confident

Develop a robust pre-shot routine to help you be your best
(this is the key to playing great golf)

Let go of bad shots in an instant

Let go of frustration and anger

Overcome fear of failure

Stay in the moment

Feel confident throughout the round

Perform at your peak

Take your game to the next level


Initial consultation (approx. 30 minutes) FREE
Professional £245 per session (or £600 for 3 sessions)

Non-pro £95 per session (or £225 for 3 sessions)

Sessions are typically around 90 minutes and can be in-person or online.

Give me a call on 0115 9871581 or email robert@nottinghamcoaching.co.uk for more details or to book a session.

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